The Uber API exposes a set of RESTful endpoints that enable your application to GET information such as time and price estimates about the products offered in a given location, request rides on behalf of authenticated users, and create ride reminders for users to take a ride at a specific time in the future.

Here are some reference guides, documentation, and tutorials to help you start integrating Uber into your app or website as quickly as possible. We can't wait to see what you build!

Register Your Application

Before you start, you will have to register an application with us here. You will need to provide us with your application name and a description, and we will provide you with a client_id, secret, and server_token. If your application requires any user information, be sure to check off the relevant scopes and authorize via OAuth.

Official Uber SDKs

Rapidly integrate the full power of the Uber API into your services using our open source SDKs. Get started with Java and Python.

API Tutorials

Our tutorials will get you going with the Uber API in no time:

Ride Request

Trip Experiences

Ride Reminders

The Sandbox

Because of the real-world nature of the Request endpoints, which call active drivers on the system which result in financial transactions on Uber rider accounts, the Uber API provides a Sandbox environment for testing. All Requests made to the API Sandbox will result in a simulated Request that can be programmatically updated.

To get an understanding on how to set up your development environment setup for making Requests within the sandbox environment, see the Sandbox Documentation.

Ride Request Buttons

Quickly add the Uber Ride Request button to your iOS or Android app to get your users moving with a quick and simple one-tap deep link into the Uber App. Get started with iOS and Android.

Developer FAQ

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

Full Documentation

Check out our Developer Site for more guides!

About the Event

Since day one, our mission has been to connect people with reliable rides through the use of data and technology. As our footprint has grown throughout the years, so has our ability to use the Uber network in different ways.

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